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High School for Environmental Studies (HSES) College Preparation Timeline:

9th Grade:

  • Exploration and Goal Setting: Freshman year is the time to begin exploring your interests and academic strengths. Attend orientation sessions and career workshops to discover your passions and set initial goals.

  • Course Selection: Choose courses that align with your long-term educational and career aspirations. Focus on building a strong academic foundation.

10th Grade:

  • Skill Development: Concentrate on developing strong study habits and time management skills. Consider joining clubs or activities related to your interests.

  • PSAT: Take the PSAT to practice for the SAT and identify areas where you may need improvement.

  • Exploring Colleges: Begin researching colleges and universities that align with your interests and goals.

11th Grade:

  • Standardized Testing: Take the SAT or ACT during the junior year. Consider prep courses or resources to achieve your best scores.

  • College Visits: Visit colleges and universities to get a feel for the campuses and programs. Attend college fairs and information sessions.

  • Academic Performance: Maintain a strong GPA and challenge yourself with advanced courses.

  • Scholarship Research: Begin searching for scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

12th Grade:

  • College Applications: Start the college application process early in the senior year. Work closely with the College and Career Office for guidance.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Request letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors.

  • Financial Aid: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any necessary scholarship applications.

  • Decision Time: Review college acceptance letters and make a decision. Submit any necessary deposits.

  • Transition Planning: Prepare for the transition to college, including housing, financial planning, and academic expectations.

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